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Our mission

Our goal is to provide unique and flexible lending solutions to underserved borrowers.

At Amres, we support borrowers who may have difficulty qualifying for traditional loans due to their independent mindset, entrepreneurial spirit, and unique lending needs. By utilizing innovation and sound underwriting practices, we constantly create new mortgage options and programs that enable borrowers and investors to achieve their dream of homeownership.

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We're a team of industry veterans supported by a top-notch operations structure.

Our team of mortgage experts is made up of seasoned professionals who have a wealth of knowledge and experience earned through decades in the industry. They are dedicated to helping clients navigate the process of obtaining a mortgage and will work closely with you every step of the way. They're supported by a dedicated and experienced operations team, ensuring that the loan process runs smoothly, every time.

Why amres?

We're dedicated to you.

Our business is your business. We know that your reputation hinges on the ability to get loans through your pipeline in the right time. At Amres, we work tirelessly to ensure that we're meeting your expectations and providing you with the tools to get the job done. Get access to unique products, the best technology and the experience it takes to excel in a competitive market. You won't find a more comprehensive service offering, anywhere.

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1. Flexible solutions

Our products are flexible and built to meet the needs of almost any borrower. We have a broad range of constantly evolving solutions to reflect today's ever-changing environment. Whether you're looking for white glove service, or the best industry rates, Amres Wholesale has you covered.

2. Built For The Way You Work

Unlike most of our competitors, our technology is built by a powerhouse team of U.S. based veteran developers. We're constantly improving and optimizing our platform to better suite your needs and enable you to process loans more efficiently.

3. Experience Where It Counts

With decades of experience, our team of industry veterans will work alongside you to provide innovative solutions for your customers. A rapidly shifting financial environment requires a team capable of adapting to change as quickly as it comes.